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Evaluation of the Murray HealthPathways program

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Evaluation of the Murray HealthPathways program
This evaluation has explored the value of the Murray HealthPathways program against its objectives and, in particular, to explore the value of the HealthPathways program in: informing, guiding and supporting health professional practice; improving the experience and outcomes of patients and carers; and enabling health system improvement. The evaluation has also sought to inform the potential future directions for Murray HealthPathways. The evaluation process has taken place over a six-week period and has analysed data from existing sources, as well as captured new data from individual and group interviews, an online survey distributed to clinicians across the Murray PHN region and through the development of case studies illustrating key dimensions of the program and its impact. The limited scope and timeframe for the evaluation has meant that some key dimensions that would be ideal to measure were not able to be fully explored. This particularly relates to the value of the program relative to the investment of resources. The evidence that has been gathered and the conclusions that are strongly supported by those sources, however, show a program that is highly valued and valuable, and that delivers on all its objectives, either fully or partly. Great potential is seen in Murray HealthPathways as a resource now that supports, informs and guides health professionals in their practice and contributes to quality, appropriate and efficient care. In this report, the evaluation methods are described and the findings from each core method presented.
November 2020
Coughlan, A. (2020). Evaluation of the Murray HealthPathways program.
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